van chuyển hướng khí nén vi sinh (Pneumatic Divert Seat Valve)

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Thông số kỹ thuật van chuyển hướng khí nén vi sinh (Pneumatic Divert Seat Valve):


Standard DIN, 3A, SMS, RJT
Flow Medium Parts 304, 316L(1.4301, 1.4307, 1.4404)
Port Size Dn20-150 or 3/4"-6"
Way of Connection Weld, Male, Clamp, Flange
Gasket for butterfly valve Silicone, EPDM, Viton, NBR
Application It is widely applied to many fileds, such as beer, beverage, dairy food, fruit juice, pharmacy, biological etc
Working principle Remote-controlled operation by the driving gear or manual operation by handle. 
Three drive forms Normally closed, normally opened and opened and closed by two air flues seperately. 
Handle Metal handle, reinforced nylon handle
Adjustable handle, built to order according to users' request. 
Advantage 1. Sanitary condition passed FDA Certification
2. With strong resistance to acid, alkali and high temperature
3. Slight deformation under long-term compression presicion forging valve cartridge. Withstand voltages
4. Appearance desigh: Keep pace with international latest designs
5. Service life: Comparable to imported butterfly valve, with 18months warrenty for normal use

ỨNG DỤNG CỦA VAN Pneumatic Divert Seat Valve

- Van chuyển hướng ba ngã vi sinh tên tiếng Anh là: Pneumatic Divert Seat Valve được sử dụng rộng dãi trong các ngành như: Beer; nước giải khát; hóa chất;  sữa; thực phẩm; mỹ phẩm ...

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